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Dry Sea Cucumber

Dry sea cucumber

We sell all types of high grade Dried and Fresh Sea Cucumber. Our dry sea cucumber is purely sun dried with no moisture, no dirt, no sand, no mud and processed by the finest experts. we have dried sea cucumber types such as white teat fish, curry fish, black teat fish, prickly fish, and lots of others.

Whole Sale Dry Cucumber

1)stichopus japonicus 2)wild sea cucumber
4)No sand
6)color:black or brown
7)weight:80-100pieces/kg or 160-200pieces/kg
9)shelf life:stored in cool,dry place at room temperature to mainain 2years
10)no sugar,nopreservatives and chemicals .nutritives are easier for people to absorb
11)raw materials come from Taiwan Strait, which haven’t polluted, they are green product.
12)we can provide phytosanitary certificate, quality certificate, sanitary certificate, certificate of origin ,non GMO letter and others.

Specifications for Dry Cucumber


Product type: sea cucumberGrade: seafood
Color: blackState: dried
Salinity: nonePlace of origin: Europe ,Thailand
Brand: WonderfulPacking: foam box
Shelf life:2 yearDelivery details: prompt delivery